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Why Me

Making The Fit

If you can answer ‘Yes!’ to the following questions, then I may be a good fit for your meeting or event.

  • You want a speaker who is high energy and will keep everyone engaged from beginning to end
  • You want your employees/members to focus on serving customers at the highest levels
  • You value employees and know that happy employees equal happy customers
  • You want a speaker who is “real” and can relate to your audience at all levels
  • You want to learn skills that can immediately be applied after leaving the event
  • You want a speaker who is fun and easy to work with
  • You want someone with years of experience in their chosen subject
  • You want a speaker with a proven track record of excellent results
  • You like someone who practices what they preach, because your organization does the same
  • You want an experienced facilitator who can skillfully guide your meeting to your desired outcomes

Organizations Who Have Hired Me

My clients and customers include an impressive sampling from Fortune 100 companies like General Motors, 3M and American Express, to Federal entities including the US Congress, Department of Defense, IRS, and Indian Health Services. University of Nebraska Medical Center, the Omaha Police Department, Office of the Mayor – City of Omaha, Douglas County Corrections and 911 Communications are Local Government agencies that have utilized my training and facilitation services.

Stuff I'm Supposed to Say About Me

I am a featured author in The Great Speakers Anthology II book published by Royal Publishing in Los Angeles, and a contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul. My flagship book, Future Unlimited: Unleashing Your Greatness was released in June, 2004. Two more books are in the works!

I carry several national certifications in training and facilitation; a few of the many include Development Dimensions International, Og Mandino Sales and University Associates Facilitation.

Why Me (after What I’m Supposed to Say About Me)

Clients come back because they get results. After every session, they leave with:

  • Work relationships are built with clear expectations that emphasize cooperation
  • Easy, common-sense techniques can be learned quickly and implemented daily
  • Knowledge that is easily transferred and immediately applied on the job

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