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{ PowerPact™ Communication: Fuel Relationships, Accelerate Results. }

How We Can Work Together

I can provide a 45 minute keynote, 90 minute seminar or breakout session, one to several day workshop or one to one coaching. There are several great ways we can work together, from creating a custom program, retreat or workshop for you or your team, to working one-to-one by phone, email, Skype, on-site, off-site, whatever or wherever works best for you.

I can’t wait to talk to you! Contact me here!

PowerPact™ Meetings

Sometimes strategy planning is best led by a trained facilitator. It is easier to stay on task, remain objective, eliminate side bar detours and generate more ideas when a facilitator is engaged with your team. I employ an interactive, structured process that allows everyone to give input. The process drives groups to thoroughly discuss key items and quickly move to organizing their ideas. Finally, team members translate ideas into action plans that are living documents. You can immediately take action plans back to work and begin to implement. Contact me to discuss how I can help your board, management, staff retreat or strategic planning meeting be more interactive, engaging and productive.

PowerPact™ Communication Unleashing Your Service Greatness

Expectations for service in the public and private sectors continually change – customers, patients and clients are more demanding and critical of the service they receive. More pressure is put upon the front line of service providers, and it’s not letting up any time soon.

“Unleashing Your Service Greatness” gives you the fuel to drive tangible results in your organization, and change behaviors, habits and attitudes to positively affect service (both internal and external) at all levels.

In “Service Greatness”, I give you practical tips and techniques you can use right away, in the real world, to create high personal productivity and excellent service ethic and build lifelong customer loyalty NOW!

This program is for employees who want to increase customer satisfaction, and for managers who want to maximize their employees' opportunities to serve their customers and clients at the highest levels.

PowerPact™ Communication: Appreciating and Bridging the Differences

Without good communication skills, productivity lags, morale droops, attitudes sag and businesses flounder. I use humorous everyday experiences to analyze and illustrate how communication works…or doesn’t – in real life!

This program will give you a common language that will make you a better communicator by significantly increasing your understanding of why people do what they do. You’ll learn the specific communication needs that every individual has, and how to “flex your style” to meet those needs.

“PowerPact™ Communication” is for anyone who wants to know exactly which behaviors create cohesion or conflict, and how to manage those situations in any environment: relationships, sales, customer service, communication or management.

PowerPact™ Communication: Get Out of Your Way, and Get What You Want

Life is about the choices we make. There are things that will happen which are completely out of our control. Most of where we are in our lives is because of the choices we've made along the way and the consequences of those choices.

The more confidence we have in ourselves, and sense of purpose for our lives, the better choices we tend to make. Too often, we deny our natural gifts and second-guess our decisions. We don't listen to our intuition, and we procrastinate for fear of being wrong or not being perfect.

We are our own worst enemy when it comes to our success. We spend time "getting ready to get ready", confusing random action with productivity and results. All we ultimately want is to be happy and successful.

This program is for individuals who want to confidently express themselves, discover their strengths, reaffirm their self worth and attract the people into their lives that respect, care for and support them so they can create healthy, lasting relationships.

PowerPact™ Communication: Positively Influence, Motivate And Direct Those You Lead!

Leaders are not only at the top of organizations, and charisma isn’t the only quality needed to be a great leader! Leaders of today must bob and weave through constant challenges: pressure from the competition, constantly monitoring and improving operational efficiency, human resource needs, and meeting the customers’ ever-changing expectations.

You will have a roadmap to keep you focused on leading, not just managing. You’ll integrate “style-flex” communication with key strategies for getting the most out of your teams and workforce in a way that they thrive, and design a specific plan for your style in your organization.

This program is for leaders who want to sharpen their edge, managers who want to become effective leaders, and employees who want to create excellence in their workgroups.

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