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{ PowerPact™ Communication: Fuel Relationships, Accelerate Results. }

What I Talk About


Much research has been done lately demonstrating that minus a relationship, customers will always shop price. Any sales manager or business owner knows from experience that it is easier to keep a customer than go out and find a new one.

Customers are loyal to people, not to companies. My seminars focus participants on how to identify the best way to communicate with customers, adapt their personal style to and meet the customers’ needs in the way they want.

The same philosophy applies to employees. Surveys of a million workers found that employees are also loyal to people, not to a company. It found that employees do not leave companies, they leave bad managers.

In yet another study, it found that people are hired for their job skills, promoted for their technical skills but fired for their lack of interpersonal skills.

What do these scenarios have in common? Communication and the ability to connect with another person. The more effectively we can establish rapport with others, the easier to establish strong connections with customers and employees.

True connection is the first solid step in creating customers for life!


When teams are in conflict, productivity lags, morale droops, attitudes sag and businesses flounder. I use humorous real life examples to analyze and illustrate how teams work…or don’t – you may recognize them on your team!

This program will give you a common language that will help you build better teams by significantly increasing your understanding of why people do what they do. Strengths of differences make relationships stronger. You’ll learn the specific communication needs that every individual has, and how to “flex your style” to meet those needs.

Martin Luther King said: "People fail to get along because they fear others. They fear others because they do not understand each other. They do not understand each other because they do not communicate."

Communication opens the door to greater teamwork, profits, morale and productivity!


Relationships thrive when each individual actively listens to the other. Mutual trust, mutual respect and a willingness to adapt create confidence and a feeling of security in relationships.

Individual needs, perceptions and goals can cloud the ability to listen and communicate effectively – especially when ideas are in conflict. By understanding needs and embracing differences, each person can work from their strengths and value each other at a higher level.

Participants define and clarify the roles they play in the relationships. Through interactive exercises they identify each others' strengths, needs and goals and gain a true understanding of why people do what they do.

THOSE are the building blocks for lasting relationships!

In whichever space we engage, when you choose to work with me you will experience immediate results including but not limited to:

  1. More impact in your people’s ability to Increase sales and customer retention. Employees approach customers in a personalized manner that creates commitment and loyalty.
  2. More clarity through targeted communication that is clear, concise, distinct and understandable. Your teams will experience increased productivity, efficiency and reduced errors.
  3. More awareness of what you need to do differently to consistently sell, service and manage more efficiently and effectively.
  4. More responsibility in your teams as they establish clear commitment and understanding that creates accountability for communication and ownership of behavior.

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