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{ PowerPact™ Communication: Fuel Relationships, Accelerate Results. }

Results You Can See
Increase profits, morale and productivity
Keep More Customers
Laser focus on customer care that makes you the ONLY choice
High Performance
Build teams that consistently communicate, cooperate and collaborate
Know Your Strengths
Surround yourself with the right people and create positive, supportive, relationships

I work with companies that want to create customers for life,
and individuals who want to build relationships that last.

I can’t wait to talk to you! Contact me here!

Increase profits, morale, and productivity in these areas:



Give your employees the knowledge and skills to create customers for life.

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Design environments where people can achieve and perform at their best.

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Create confidence that will allow you to always work from your strengths.

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Who Am I?

There are all sorts of things that you probably hear about miraculous results some can get for you, but what I want you to know is I have a passion and track record for helping people to get what they want.

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Why Me?

“When you get them laughing, you have them learning!” This is the philosophy on which I’ve built Greenelight. People don’t remember statistics and facts but they do remember stories.

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